Late Drop Petition and Policy

  • Students are allowed to drop a maximum of four courses throughout their academic career. Late drops can occur between the 3rd and 10th week of the Fall and/or Spring semesters (between the 4th and 13th day of the 4-week Summer term and between the 2nd and 5th week of the 8-week summer term). To exercise this privilege, you must complete this form. UIC COE students may not drop courses after the late drop deadline. Caution: You should give careful consideration before using this option early in your academic career. To avoid difficulty, you should seek the assistance of the COE academic advisors to plan manageable course schedules.

  • If you feel confident that dropping the course is your only option, check this box as verification of electronic signature.

    I have read and answered all of the questions listed above and understand the consequences of my decision to submit a Late Drop Petition.