Course Overload Petition

  • This form is to be used by students enrolled in the College of Education who wish to register for more than 18 hours (12 hours during the Summer session).

  • Course Overload Policy

    The normal maximum course load at the University of Illinois at Chicago is 18 hours.To be considered full time, a student must be registered for at least 12 hours.Students wishing to enroll in hours in excess of the 18 hours may do so with authorization from their major advisor. Such approval requires the following:

    3.0 cumulative GPA
    3.0 semester GPA in the term prior to application with no grades lower than a B with minimum full time standing
    No I, W or U grades acceptable in term prior to application
    Total course hours should not exceed 21
    All required tests to progress in your program of enrollment must be passed by posted deadline dates
    No course overloads during final semester enrolled in the Urban Education Program in the College of Education (Student Teaching Semester)
    Advisors will view the petitions and notify students about the decision within days of submission
  • Please provide the following information on the courses you are planning on taking. Please indicate if you are planning on taking any courses on the credit/no credit option.

  • ALL Courses and Credit Hours: